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Jeannie Kong-Evarts REALTOR®(S)           RS-68054


Maui Real Estate Advisors LLC

161 Wailea Ike Place A-102

Wailea,  HI 96753

Jeannie Kong was awarded by Realtor Association of Maui as “REALTOR (S) OF THE YEAR 2018”!!!

Maui News Article below:

RAM honors its Realtor Salesperson of the Year

The Maui News

Jeannie Kong of Maui Real Estate Advisors LLC was honored by Realtors Association of Maui as its Realtor Salesperson of the Year during RAM’s annual installation ceremony on Sept. 7 at the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea.

When Jeannie Kong arrived at the Four Seasons Resort Maui for the 50th annual Realtors Association of Maui installation ceremony on Sept. 7, she had no idea she was part of the day’s agenda. In fact, when Kong heard her name announced as the 2018 Realtor Salesperson of the Year, she says it took her a few moments to process what had just happened. “My reaction that day was of utter surprise — it was sort of like a dream,” she said.

That day, Kong, along with 2018 Realtor Broker of the Year Rachel Ball Phillips and 2018 Affiliate of the Year Eric Miyajima, were honored by RAM for their business and real estate accomplishments, as well as their spirit, character, professionalism and volunteer work.

Kong’s real estate career began in 2006, and somewhat unexpectedly. At the time, she was working as an interior designer and had an online store.

“It was a very busy time in the real estate world [and] I had some properties that I wanted to sell,” she recalled. “I was always involved in real estate, from investments to scouting locations for companies, and when I was in my early 20s, I was an assistant to a vice president of a top commercial real estate firm in New York City. So it seemed natural for me to get a license to sell my properties.

“I thought I would just do it for myself — until my friends and acquaintances asked me to market or help them buy properties, as they knew my work ethic. So it grew from there. Real estate was a leap of faith, but I soon grew to love the creativity of it.”

Now, more than a decade later, Kong has forged a well-respected career as a Realtor Salesperson.

“Real estate is an emotional business, and being able to get to the core of people is quite fascinating,” she said. “I also love real estate because I love designing homes and being creative with the marketing. Each home is unique and bringing that value angle to the marketing campaign really excites me. There is so much joy to watch people [get] excited about their Maui home or help a seller get top dollar.”

Over the years, Kong has contributed her time and talent to a number of worthy causes. Among other things, she’s served as the vice president of the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation’s board of directors, was elected as one of RAM’s directors-at-large and volunteered as a guardian ad litem (a person appointed by a court to protect the best interests of a child in a particular matter).

“Volunteering has always been a part of my life,” she explained. “It was a requirement to graduate from high school and I never stopped since.”

Kong currently serves on RAM’s Member Services Committee and RAM’s Presidential Scholarship Committee. She’s also a volunteer for the Wishing Well… for Maui Students program, which collects furniture, school supplies and other items with the goal of improving the educational experiences and opportunities for Maui County’s public school students.

“As a mother of four wonderful human beings, I saw firsthand the needs for students and teachers,” she said. “I also see a need to help students navigate the college prep process.”

Kong says making a positive difference in the lives of others is intensely rewarding.

“I am a firm believer in giving more than you take. I feel the joy of giving back is a gift in and of itself,” she said. “On our island, what one gives has such a direct and immediate impact. I feel blessed to be here and being able to raise my children here. I have never met a more giving group than our Maui Realtors.”

And that’s something Kong takes to heart.

“Being a Realtor on Maui is especially unique, because not only are people attracted to the beauty of Maui, but also the lifestyle,” she said. “So live it and be the aloha. Take time to talk story, listen, be a good neighbor and enjoy our island every day. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Do you know a Realtors Association of Maui member who should be recognized for their contributions to the community? If so, send your story idea to Sarah Ruppenthal at

Meet Jeannie Kong-Evarts REALTOR®(S)

Jeannie Kong Realtor (S) at Wailea

Promoting Healthy Living and Living the Good Life on Maui, Hawaii.

“It’s truly a beautiful lifestyle, when you can watch the sun rise over Haleakala and watch the sun set over the ocean soothed with the trade winds at your back ”. Jeannie

In her former career in the fashion industry and interior design world, it was clear that design was in Jeannie’s blood.  However, it was real estate that truly became her calling. She remembers in her tender years advising her mom about where to invest and buy property. Later on in New York City, she recognized upcoming neighborhoods just before they popped and became THE places to shop and dine. “It was about watching the trends and where the people were looking to hang out, that fascinated me back then, and of course, when it becomes popular it becomes the driver for demand”, says Jeannie, as she gets ready to show Maui homes to her clientele on Maui. Her family had always been entrepreneurs, seeing the value of real estate on the US mainland and abroad, and as a result, it just became part of her language.

Having had a successful career in the interior design business and worked for top fashion design companies such as Eileen Fisher Inc, Jeannie heard the call for island life on Maui.  “Having my beautiful babies of course was the driving force in making that change. Was the life of nannies and traveling constantly what I wanted?  I had the opportunity to Move to Maui with my husband and at least see what this was all about.”  So in the late 90’s she made the leap. The blue ocean, the climate, the culture was a perfect fit. Jeannie started doing interior design on Maui and created an online store back when online stores were at their infancy. Always having a great eye for real estate, her investments on Maui were starting to ripen. She got her real estate license in 2006 to deal with her personal real estate…however.   With encouragement from friends and acquaintances who asked for real estate assistance, she quickly realized she was onto a new career. It was synergistic to her marketing and design background, so it was only natural. “Having gone through the recession as a realtor it was an important lesson/time as I had to truly study the market to see what properties would have the most potential upside. The clients whom I helped to analyze the market and then buy properties became very special to me. They had faith in my analysis and our future together at a time that when the world was looking not too confident.  Looking back, it was ALOT of work but made me a much better realtor.”

What makes Jeannie Kong-Evarts Different:

Jeannie has always been use to giving her 110%.  “Whether it’s an ultra high-end beachfront home buyer/seller or a first time buyer/seller, I feel they deserve my utmost attention.”  Jeannie believes in giving her buyer/seller as much information as possible so that they can make INFORMED decisions. That means the “good, the bad and the ugly info that you may not want to  hear”.  Leveraging her business skills and negotiation strategies are key in creating her client’s success.

What would it be like to work with Jeannie:

First of all, at one point Jeannie herself was just a “visitor” here on Maui. She moved here in the late 1990’s and since then she’s learned how daunting it can be to understand the Maui real estate market. Actually, all the real estate data on the internet can not only be overwhelming, but misleading as well!!!  Jeannie helps you to filter out and understand all that information to paint a clearer picture.  She respects the time and process it takes a buyer or seller to navigate their decision process. She studies the market religiously and has a pulse on market movement and trends. “I am here to offer you my expertise and knowledge. I don’t like to push people because I myself would run if I had an agent that was more interested in the end goal than actually understanding what was best for the client.”

Community Minded:

Jeannie Kong-Evarts believes in her community on Maui and thus works effortlessly to support and assist when and where she can. She was on the Board of Directors of the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation from 2010-2016, serving as Vice President for 3 of those years. “Top-notch health services on our Island of Maui is a critical component for residents and visitors alike.  So although my term has ended, I am still actively involved in the Foundation’s pursuits.”  Jeannie Kong-Evarts has been Director-at-Large of the Realtors Association of Maui. She believes raising the bar in her profession is so important in her industry. “I was absolutely honored to be in this position. I have the utmost respect for my colleagues, who not only push the envelope in great realtor service but also give so much back to our community”.

In Jeannie’s Free Time:

Jeannie loves to cook with the abundant fruits and vegetables that grow on Maui. She absolutely LOVES to run, hike, swim and surf (her children surf, she mostly SUP) with her wonderful children and husband. With her culinary skills, Jeannie has been known to whip up a delicious meal for her clients who have become good friends. “How can we not be friends? Even if we have a challenging issue, we come to a solution through good communication and integrity of what makes the best sense for my client, period!  It is in those challenging moments when one’s true colors become evident.”

Jeannie Kong-Evarts’s pledge to you:

Whether you are buying or selling, my focus is on YOUR goals. We discuss your goals and we may even hold off on making a move if the timing is not right for YOU. I deliver information in a timely and organized manner so you can make informed decisions. I will always be available for your questions.  You will always receive my personal attention.

Just because I have a reached a certain pinnacle in my career, it does not prevent me from constantly educating myself in real estate and the ever changing technology that is imbued with it. My marketing skills will continuously be sharpened so that you benefit. I work out in the field everyday so my clients know not only what is on the market but what may also be for sale and not publicly listed.

My commitment to create the best and most pleasant experience for you is my goal. My hope is that your property not only gives you wonderful memories but also becomes a great investment. Should we come across some bumps in the road, you can rest assured that we will seek to find solutions through respect and transparency. Your confidentiality and my fiduciary duty to you is of the utmost importance to me.

If Maui is calling you, then consider calling Jeannie Kong-Evarts for your real estate needs. She will help you curate your Maui lifestyle.

Give Jeannie a call for a friendly conversation about your interest in Maui Real Estate. No pressure, just respect.

Jeannie Kong-Evarts REALTOR®(S)


Direct Line: 808-276-1832


Maui Real Estate Advisors, LLC

161 Wailea Ike Place A-102

Wailea, Maui, HI 96753

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Jeannie Kong received ALHS (Accredited Luxury Home Specialist)

Article written about Jeannie Kong in the Maui News!

Jeannie Kong, Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation Vice President

Jeannie Kong, Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation Vice President
Article First Published May 30, 2015, By Joseph W. Bean, The Maui News,

Full-text Article:

Even if you have been perfectly healthy lately, it’s almost certain that Maui Memorial Medical Center has been on your mind.  The news has been one business-of-medical-care emergency after another: one-year budget cut of $28 million, the urgent need for a new method of providing pediatric care, the possibility of stabilizing the hospital by way of a public-private partnership and more.  It would be natural to worry, but much less so if you know that MMMC has a small army of heroes dedicated to helping the hospital grow, improve and deliver the services we need in the best way possible.

That is the MMMC Foundation.  The president of the foundation board is David Jorgensen of the law firm Takitani, Agaran & Jorgensen, an affiliate member of the Realtors Association of Maui (RAM).  Two Realtors are also on the board: Helen MacArthur, principal broker at Destination Resorts Hawaii, and Foundation Vice President Jeannie Kong of Maui Real Estate Advisors.

Like many people involved in community service, Kong would be very busy without carving out time for MMMC.  In addition to her real estate business, she’s a mother of four.  How’s that for busy?

“I arrived on Maui in 1999,” she said.  “My fourth child was born here.  I want to praise the doctors, but also the incredibly dedicated nurses.  They do an amazing job!  My children, aged 14 to 22, have truly embraced the education, arts, sports and natural landscape of Maui.  They have been involved in wonderful programs such as Hawaii Youth Conservation Corp., tutoring programs for elementary school kids and more.  So, you can say they also inspire me to continue to be part of the solutions to the needs we have here on Maui.  Maui has so much to offer.”

That “so much” involves making time for hiking, nature and coastlines.

“Most of all,” Kong continued, “I treasure the people of Maui.”

The challenges facing MMMC are important to Kong.

“We have very competent leadership in our hospital that is seeking to find solutions,” she said.  “The hospital is at a very critical point.  It cannot continue to function at a deficit without that affecting the treatment and care, let along halting any future care services or facilities.  Putting our heads in the sand and saying we can operate the hospital with a continuing, compounding deficit is simply not a reality.  Something has to give, whether it be reduced medical care and therefore loss of jobs . . . or the hospital can explore an alternative approach – private partnership? – to funding the hospital.  So, MMMC leadership asked the legislature for the option to explore solutions.  Maui deserves the best health care, period!  The foundation’s goal is to ensure continued and improved level of service to our Maui community and its visitors. No one even mentions what kind of stress it would put on the Oahu health care system if we all had to go to Oahu for our medical care.  This is assuming we had the ‘luxury of time’ to go to Oahu for our health care, which creates additional stress, emotionally and financially, anyway.”

At this level of importance, everything demands innovative thinking.

“Well, our board is not only creative, but very passionate about supporting our hospital.  Our board is an active board.  We are a diverse group of Maui citizens sharing our knowledge and expertise.  It is an honor to be a part of that.  I would love to talk about our ‘next big thing,’ but at this point, we need to know the direction of our hospital, and then we can … adjust.  However, the ongoing requests from the hospital to support its needs and wants are always being reviewed with the intention to grant those requests if at all possible.”

After a few years of cliffhangers and disappointments, a campaign supported by the MMMC Foundation, the Hawaii legislative delegation from Maui and countless citizen supporters finally succeeded on May 1, just a few working days before the close of the legislative session.  MMMC now has the option to negotiate a public-private partnership, often called “The best bet for a secure future.”

When Kong mentioned “adjusting,” this was what she hoped the hospital and foundation would be “adjusting” to.

“I highly encourage people – full-time or part-time residents,” Kong said, “get involved in whatever community organizations their hearts feel compelled to help.  It is not only rewarding, but you meet great people, too!  If people want to lean more and help Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation, then go to our website”

Client Testimonials:


“We had an outstanding experience with Jeannie Kong, and would highly recommend her services. We needed to sell our property at a time when inventory was high and prices were low. Jeannie was proactive, concerned, and most importantly, full of ideas and energy that ultimately resulted in finding a qualified buyer. Having worked with a handful of realtors, we’ve had a range of experiences; Jeannie’s talent and commitment clearly stood out. She paid close attention to our hopes for the process and outcome, and communicated with us frequently. We also felt that the preparation and marketing materials for our unit were done thoughtfully and strategically. We’re grateful to know her and look forward to working together again!”

(Annie Jenkel and Jenean Campos) 


 “I want to tell you about the professional and efficient manner in which your agent, Jeannie Kong, handled our purchase of our Maui condominium.  She worked very hard during the negotiation and throughout the transaction.  She kept us fully informed at all times, making for a very smooth transaction.  In fact, it was one of the smoothest escrows that I have ever experienced” Sincerely,  H. Mack and  G. Hembree  (former owners of Century 21 real estate offices in California)  2007 to present-numerous transactions throughout the years as their buyer and seller representative


“I am happy with all my investments that I purchased through you. I am confident that with your consultation I did NOT overpay in this market. Looking back that says a lot. People should feel privileged to have you as their Realtor, not the other way around.  Thanks Jeannie for all your hard work.”

SFA Development LLC . (numerous transactions as their buyer and seller respresenative)


More available upon request.