Maui County Approves Additional Water Fixture Count

July 8, 2016

Maui County Approves Additional Water Fixture Count

Here on Maui County, our “casitas, cottages, guest house, etc” are termed by the Maui County as “accessory dwelling” and in plain local terms,”ohana”, meaning family.  So if you have land with the min. sized requirement, zoning and the homeowners association that allows it, then you can build an additional ohana, HOWEVER if your fixture count was at its max in relation to your water meter size then you were out of luck. Well, here comes some good news. Maui County is opening up the tap and if you meet certain requirements you may be able to get additional fixtures with your existing water meter at a reasonable cost.  Keep in mind however, that in talking to people who have spoken the Maui County and experienced their logistics, this may be a temporary opening so move on it  FAST  if you want to take part. This came effective July 1, 2016. No guarantees on how long this opportunity will last.

Maui County Water Fixture Count:

Maui County has different sized water meters. The most common on is 5/8 inch water meter.

According to Maui County Website (see here for Maui County Water Fixture Size and worksheet)

Maui County Fixture Count

Maui County Water Meter Sizes and allowable Fixture Count (points) and proposed costs. Go to Maui County website for any updates as terms, conditions and costs may be subject to change.

Go to Maui County Water Dept. for more information and updates. Click here.

IMPORTANT to note, that different fixtures are assigned different points (click on worksheet and refer to it for more explanation). For instance a low flowing toilet is assigned 1.7 points, whereas a regular one would be 3 points. So if you have an existing structure that is close or equal to 31 points on a 5/8 water meter, then building an “ohana” or expanding on your existing home would not be plausible unless you got an additional water meter (for those folks unfamiliar with our water meter list, there are over 1500 on the list and some owners had their list on since 1998!).

This is great news for Maui County residents. This helps support the logistics on more housing units that could be made available. We thank  the water department and Dave Taylor who heads that department for opening this opportunity.


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