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May 14, 2020
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Stay at Home Maui Covid-19

Alot is being said out there. Alot of scary news. Alot of restrictions. Alot of predictions. Words like “unprecedented”, “second wave”, “uncertainty” used like just another word. The gravity perhaps not fully digested yet unless you are in the front lines or have a loved one or you yourself have been affected. Being a realtor on Maui, I am getting calls and emails asking what is happening on Maui? So this blog is a bit more personal. My next blog will be more about the current status of our Maui real estate market.

Just as I am writing this, reports came out that Maui did not have any new cases of Covid-19. As of Wednesday (May 13, 2020) the cumulative case count on Maui remained at 117, with 92 people released from isolation. This is very good news.

Life on Maui during our Stay-at-Home and Safer-at-Home orders has really made one appreciate the natural beauty of these islands. We are one of the most remote places on earth. So to see the beaches pretty empty has given the coastline a breath of fresh air. The water is clearer. The streets are certainly less trafficked. But since stores such as Costco and Target are open there are somtimes lines to get in during rush times (such as weekend afternoons). Seeing hotels shut down is certainly disconcerting- never thought you would see that. Construction is going on and road work crews going. Delivery drivers leave packages at your door but don’t wait for you, so I open the door if I am home and wave them a thank you! Lots of people walking and biking. Real Estate Sales still closing. virtual dinners (my family across the globe made the same recipe ), Zoom meetings galore (did I buy that stock?). Most people are so polite and step aside to give one another space. Almost everyone smiles and acknowledges one another. Aloha still lives on.

For local updates, this website has info

In times of uncertainty, I am reminded of going back to the basics. The basics of understanding that there is so much not in my control. So I go back to what I am certain of and what is under my control (my mindset). I am certain that this too shall pass and history has shown that our ancestors have been through this before. I recently read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. He was a Roman emperor from 161 to 180 and a Stoic philosopher. He was the last of the rulers known as the Five Good Emperors. He had to deal with the Antonine Plague. Fascinating and heart breaking what they went through. This by no means meant to dilute our present situation but gives some confidence that we will get through this and hopefully will have evolved from it as well.

What I am certain of, what I will hope to never take for granted and am grateful for Living On Maui:

Greeting of a hug with aloha, morning swim and noticing that a turtle is also having his/her morning swim, going towards one another when meeting instead of stepping back, laying on the beach, picnics, beach BBQs, gatherings, smiles not covered up by masks, high fives, the playful sound of children in the schoolyard, Saturday morning sports games at our parks, sunset walks, hiking thru varied different trails on Maui, farmers markets, watching sports, going to a musical concert at the MACC or anywhere, shopping at our local curated shops, sit down dinner at our fabulous restaurants, local live theatre, craft fairs, conversations and community….

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. It was another picture-perfect day on Maui. I drove upcountry to find a woman selling her delicious bread by the side of the road under a canopy of purple Jacaranda trees (right at the juncture of Kula highway and Kekaulike Hwy). She had classic country loaf, green tea with Azuki bean loaf (the one I bought), orange marmalade (bought this too). I am not sure how often she is there but definitely buy a loaf if you see her, you will love it! I then took a walk at Kula park. Kula park has wonderful bi-coastal ocean views and this time of the year the purple Jacaranda trees in bloom. Some students that that were graduating seniors (with social distancing of course) taking photos of each other in their gowns and Hoku on their heads. They took photos of themselves next to the Jacarandas. I felt sad they couldn’t enjoy the ceremony of graduation. But they were making the best of it. You could hear their laughter. Below is my video of the Jacarandas at Kula Park.

So when fear grips us, the experts say to concentrate on what you can control (and stop watching 24/7 news). What you can do at this moment to vary your breathing, to take in the moment and be present and then perhaps take an action, even if small, towards your goal, or just BE. The one thing that has deepened the experience is to have wonderful chats with past clients. I love catching up on their lives and taking that time to connect. Some of my clients lead such incredibly fast-paced lives that it was rare to ever find downtime. Being in sales, one might think it to be disheartening but I have find it so interesting, rewarding and actually find such humanity in it. Yes, it is true, I do have the best clients in the world!

Of course, one thing that was absent this past weekend was the Seabury Craft Fair. It is a huge annual event that occurs right before Mother’s day in Olinda, Maui. It is a wonderful blend of so many artists and craftsmen on Maui. It was canceled this year due to our current situation. But if you want to find a way to reach out to some of the artisans and artists here is a website.

A closing note for Mother’s Day. Our Maui local Kimi Werner (amazing woman!) who is a champion free diver did a short film with women free divers in a far off land called Jeju Island in S. Korea. I hope you enjoy it. It also brings up that we have far more in common than not. We are in a global pandemic and I hope our hearts open wider with love than closing it off from fear…

Lessons from Jeju with Kimi Werner (new mom -wait till the end to see her baby). It just premiered 3 days ago.

Warmest alohas,

Wishing you all good health, lots of love, laugher and kindness…until we meet again… a hui hou…

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If you have time, another great film to watch is FISH PEOPLE | LIVES TRANSFORMED BY THE SEA

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