Maui Meadows Real Estate Market Report

May 18, 2014
Map of Maui Meadows

Map of Maui Meadows

Maui Meadows Overview:

On your way to Wailea, Maui you will pass by Maui Meadows. Maui Meadows is located mauka (mountain side) of Piilani Highway. This location allows for some spectacular ocean view properties with a bit cooler temperatures near the top of Maui Meadows.

There are approximately 632 properties  in Maui Meadows. There are a mixture of private gated estates to simple cottages to vacant lots. Most lots are half acre in size, while some are more. These lots sizes allow for homes and cottages (ohanas).

It was developed and sold as three separate subdivisions in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Due to that there are three separate sets of CC&R’s. The earliest applies to the first subdivision filed, which consists of  the lower portion of Maui Meadows. The second set a applies to the middle section, and the final set to the upper areas. The first two sets are identical.  The final set, applying to the highest section, differs only in that lot owners whose properties adjoin the ranch lands are required to maintain a cattle proof fence. For any updates it is recommended you contact the home owners association.

Click on Link below to review the  Maui Meadows CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)

Maui Meadows does not currently have homeowner fees.




Maui County electric is available.  However, if you are able, it is recommended to install Photovoltaic to harness solar energy.

Maui Meadows is NOT on the Maui County sewer system. Therefore properties here are either on septic or cesspool. It is highly recommended and required on most to upgrade to a septic system. Information on this new EPA requirement can be found here:

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Maui Meadows Market Report as of May 18, 2014

Maui Meadows Active Listings as of May 18, 2014

Maui Meadows Active Listings as of May 18, 2014

Maui Meadows Residential Properties under Contract as of May 18, 2014

Maui Meadows Residential Properties under Contract as of May 18, 2014


Maui Meadows Residential Properties SOLD since January 2014

Maui Meadows Residential Properties SOLD since January 2014

Click here for more info and pictures of the current active/pending/sold properties listed in above spreadsheets.

As of May 18, 2014 there are 17 active listings. Lowest list price is $500,000.  Highest list price is $8,900,000.  Average List price is $1,532,960. Median List price is $1,250,000. Average dollar per sq. foot is $635.42.

There are currently 8 residential listings pending under contract. Average List Price under contract is $1,365,297. Average dollar  per sq. foot under contract is $528.02.

Six residential properties have sold and closed since January 2014. Highest Sold price is $7,500,000. Lowest Sold Price is $600,000. Average Sold Price is $2,098,383. Median Sold price is $1,112,500. Average dollar per sq. foot sold is $490.65.

IMPORTANT to keep in mind. We are dealing with a small pool of numbers from a statistical standpoint. Therefore a very large sale (such as 160 Kaimanu at 7.5 Million) can really skew the averages (just like a  low distressed sale would ) . 160 Kaimanu is located in Maui Meadows but is also a gated neighborhood called “Kaimanu Estates” with land over 2 acres per lot, and spectacular homes along with outstanding ocean views.

So if I were to take Kaimanu Estates out of statistics and compare more apples to apples then it would be a more qualified picture regarding most of Maui Meadows. Although again this is still not quite accurate because Maui Meadows is an eclectic neighborhood. Some properties (typically priced under million) have only cottages, “ohanas”  (under 1000 SF) with room to build a main house. Some properties have incredible ocean views with no electric lines in view plane. Some properties have ranch land neighboring one or two sides of its boundaries. Some homes are of superior construction and of architectural design currently favored by the market (such as 1026 Kupulau currently under contract, list price $3,345,00- this property is outstanding!). So all these objective and subjective factors play a significant role in determining market value.

For now, let’s take Kaimanu out of the picture in the statistics of sold data. Then the picture that emerges is as follows: Lowest price sold $600,000. Highest price sold was $1,300,000. Average price sold was $1,018,060. Average dollar per sq. ft. sold was $422,02.

A common rule of thumb for Maui Meadows is that the higher elevations would garner higher prices. However the home quality and views would be a major factor.

History of Maui Meadows Median Price from 2000-2013

Maui Meadows Median Sold Prices and Unit Sold Since 2002-2013

Maui Meadows Median Sold Prices and Unit Sold Since 2002-2013

Maui Meadows Median Price Sold graph from 2000-2013

Maui Meadows Median Price Sold graph from 2000-2013

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