Don’t confuse BEACHFRONT with Oceanfront. Oceanfront is simply that, in front of an Ocean- it can be on a cliff, it can be in front of rocky coastline and of course, it is breathtakingly beautiful nevertheless.

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.

John F. Kennedy

But BEACHFRONT… is rare. It is where the ocean meets the land and leaves drops of residue that form a smooth sandy ground offering us a welcoming platform by which we enter the sea. Even on an Island of Maui, beachfront properties are limited.

"Big Beach" in Makena on Maui

“Big Beach” in Makena on Maui. Photo courtesy of Jeannie Kong. All rights copyrighted

131 Aleiki Place. Maui's Premier North Shore Beachfront Home

131 Aleiki Place. Maui’s Premier North Shore Beachfront Home

“The island of Maui is composed of two large volcanoes separated by a low-lying isthmus. The West Maui Volcano (1.6 Ma) at an elevation of 1,764 m lies to the west of the massive Haleakalä Volcano (0.8 Ma) with a summit that reaches to 3,055 m. Maui has 193 km (120 Miles)  of general coastline that wrap the two main shields and the isthmus. The isthmus was created during the shield building stage of Haleakalä as lava flowed into West Maui and, is bounded by two embayments, one to the north, and one to the south. Although the West Maui Volcano is extinct, Haleakalä is merely dormant having had its most recent rejuvenated eruption just over 200 years ago.”  (University of Hawai’i, Manoa. School of Ocean, Science and Technology)

Maui has plenty of gorgeous beaches. You can read our Maui Beach Guide here. Maui’s beaches are public and for the most part many of the beaches do not have many houses built on them. So to find a Maui Beachfront property is very special and to find one with a surf break, one where you can launch your kite or windsurf- is absolute bliss!

131 Aleiki Place- is one of kind. Nearby famous surf breaks on the north shore of Maui. Near the famous Mamas Fish House, one could stroll on the beach around sunset, have drinks and pupus at Mama’s then simply walk home- what a dream.   Surf right off your “backyard”. House, guest cottage and pool right on the beach. This iconic property is perfect for water lovers. For more information go to Click on the link in the website for a full video of this great property.

131 aleiki front lawn

8 Reasons why we love Maui Beachfront Homes:

  • The Sandy beach and Ocean is your backyard!
  • Hear the lull of the waves as you live the dream….
  • Surf, windsurf, swim, snorkel, paddle, kayak right out your back door.
  • Emotional Pull-for many gazing out at the ocean and walking on the beach is one of life’s top pleasures. The way the light changes the color of the sea all throughout the day is mesmerizing
  • Great for entertaining. Beach party, no need to drive!
  • Financial value. Since scarcity is one of the big reasons that bring up value, then beachfront homes on Maui have appreciated.
  • Great place to exercise. Sand workouts whether its running, yoga, or any kind of workout in the sand make it that much more challenging and doesn’t feel like you are at a gym.  After your workout,  just dip in the ocean to get refreshed.
  • Wonderful place to paint, write, photo or whatever creatively inspires you….

To see all the current Maui County Beachfront homes for sale. Maui County includes the Island of Maui, Molokai, and Lanai.  Click here.

Maui County Beachfront Homes Offered For Sale

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