Maui Hawaii Buyer and Seller Guides

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Maui Hawaii Buyer and Seller Guides


Driving up Haleakala Highway and a full rainbow appeared. Always breathtaking

I wanted to create a one-stop area for the Buyer and Seller Guides for Maui Real Estate. Well, a one-stop guide that addresses everything is just not possible! Because things are dynamic and changes occur. New laws, new items, new procedures, etc.

With all that said, I am still going to post the guides here as a STARTING POINT ONLY! Every property is different and as I mentioned below, new laws, etc can come into play. So contact your local real estate expert that has the experience to navigate the buying and selling process for Maui Real Estate. Consult experts in the field and sometimes, you will need to consult with (but not limited to) county experts, tax advisors, escrow, title attorneys, attorneys, contractors, etc. Please get updated information. You should not construe the below information as any legal or tax advisement. Some information is by third-party sources and thus cannot be guaranteed by me or my brokerage.

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