Maui Mortgage Lending: Informational Series with Expert Maui Mortgage Broker

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Maui Mortgage Lending: Get Informed, Get Empowered!


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Mortgage Lending has always been a hot topic of interest but now more so than ever. So when our interest rates were in the 3%-2% ranges, we kept screaming at the top of our lungs, that this is HISTORICALLY LOW! Now looking back , we can truly appreciate how historic that was! The rapid increase in mortgage rates over the year took many by the wayside when they realized that their mortgage payment could almost double! So I reached out to a very experienced lender (over 35 years of lending) to offer information on Mortgages and t also other ideas on qualifying for a mortgage, types of lending and other great info! You don’t want to miss this series.

This series of information and Q&A with Mortgage specialist Kara Beltran and also with my colleague Jaimie Brown is being done via Zoom recordings. Our intent is to have a series with great information on Mortgage lending. ***Please note that every situation is different and every person’s financial situation is different. Also, other lending options may be available. This is for general information/education purposes only. It is subject to change. Please reach out to your lender, realtor and financial and/or tax adviser for your specific needs and also in determining what is best for you. This is not advising you in any form whatsoever.


Jaimie Brown and Jeannie Kong-Evarts brings you this empowerment series to help you on the road to home ownership and real estate investments.

Put the power team on your side for success!

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Maui Mortgage Lending: First-Time Homebuyers



Maui Mortgage Lending: Income, what types and how much?


Maui Mortgage Lending: Assets. What is considered an asset?






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