Maui still keeps luring the fabulously wealthy!

July 19, 2011
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maui oceanfr home with outrigger

I know… Maui is not the Hamptons, nor Malibu nor the French Riviera and definitely NOT Dubai.  No – Maui is not Honolulu nor does she  want to be. Maui IS -to put it simply- an island in the middle of the deep Pacific blue that is like NO OTHER! Simply No Ko OI (the best!).   An island  that offers 5 Star Quality Hotels, gorgeous ocean view estates, incredible country charm, almost untouched rainforests, cowboys, artist retreats, organic farms, secluded beaches, world’s most coveted surfs and so much more. People from all over the world gather here and get to choose amongst the more than 20 microclimate areas. You can pick whether you want to live in sunshine and warmth, rain and cool, dry and sun, whatever you want, she most likley can deliver. Believe it or not , I used to live up in Kula near 4500 elevation and we had SNOW one winter morning !! . She doesn’t scream out loud. She is understated and elegant because Maui does not pretend to be what she is not. At her core, she is all about natural beauty, grace and true aloha.

For those possible reasons, we are finding the fabulously wealthy, the famous, the artistic  finding their way here to live, to invest. Yes. Aloha does live here and Ibelieve everyone is touched by that. Whether your Oprah Winfrey or Clint Eastwood or ….this past month San Francisco technology investor and entrepreneur Peter Thiel.  He has bought an oceanfront home in Maui  for $27 million.

Mr. Thiel, 43, who co-founded PayPal and was an early Facebook investor, bought the 1.7-acre Makena property through a Delaware limited-liability company. The home, which unlisted , according to public records was built in 1991. It’s over 4,500 square feet and has a pool. It is currently going renovations.

The sellers, through a Wyoming limited-liability company, were Dan Huish, founder of private-label laundry- and dish-product maker Huish Detergents, and his wife, Kim. The couple bought the property in 2006 for $19.2 million.

They bought at the peak of our market and sold for 27 million. It simply shows  that in this market there still remains the outliers .

Maui land is precious and her shoreline even more scarce. Makena is South of the Wailea and holds the natural and untouched beauty  The reason many celebrities have found refuge here.

Here is a beautiful picture of Makena

maui big beach aerial

maui big beach aerialBig Beach in MakenaLooking at Makena’s Big Beach from the wave

A hui hou… (until we meet again)

Jeannie Kong

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