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Fishponds at Maui at Menehune Shores

Oftentimes, the tourist spots of Maui get all the attention, and some wonderful gems in location and rich history get missed. Such is Ko`ie`ie Loko I`a fishpond, more commonly referred to as Kaleplepo or Kalepolepo. It is located along the shoreline of Ka`ono`ulu Ahupua`a, Kula District, in North Kihei, Maui, Hawai`. Kalepolepo means “the dirt” and one explanation is that in the mid-1800s this area was a bustling community of whalers trading goods that were grown on the slopes of Haleakala. The dust was created especially in the windy days from all the people kicking around the “dirt”.

There are reports that the walls that make the fishpond were built in the 1400s by the Menehunes. The mythology of the Menehunes is that they were superbly skilled craftsmen. They were supposedly short in stature but had great strength. The legend says that they would come out at dusk to build something in one night, if they did not finish it in one night, they would abandon it. Somehow it was rumored that they were somewhat ‘mischievous in character. So today, when we misplace something, you will find some say with lightheartedness, “oh, the Menehunes took it”.

Fishponds at Maui at Menehune Shores

From archeological studies, they determined that the Kaleplepo fishpond was built after AD 1488-1643. They were able to conclude this by pollen found in the coring samples. The rock wall encloses about 3 acres of the ocean. The depth ranging from 3-5 ft on most days. The wall itself is about 1173 feet long. The width varies throughout. It is in this fish pond that fish were gathered for the Hawaiin monarchy. There are actually other fish ponds in this area but Kaleplepo is one of the most intact fishponds. Also due to the generosity and care of volunteers to honor and preserve this fishpond, can we enjoy it today. However, the preservation of this legendary place is an ongoing endeavor. You can read more about it

So in this very special place is Menehune Shores. Menehune Shores is located on approx. 3.82 Oceanfront acres. There are 154 condominium units. The building itself is shaped like a horseshoe. It was built in 1976. You will notice this building resembles the Royal Mauian in South Kihei. Menehune Shores has one to three-bedroom condos. Square footages ranging from about 661-1126 SF.

Menehune Shores’ amenities include an oceanfront pool, oceanside BBQ area, grassy lawn, rooftop bbq, and seating. There is also an onsite restaurant with ocean views (as of the writing of this blog). To the north side of the condominium complex is a park and the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Currently (as of the writing of this blog) there is a beautifully upgraded 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo offered for sale. Menehune Shores 403 is currently in a vacation rental program. This remodeled unit takes full advantage of the ocean and mountain views. It is sold fully furnished. You can find more info here, or call Jeannie Kong-Evarts R(S) 808-276-1832.

Menehune Shores on Maui for sale
Information about the fishpond source was from Information of Menehune shores from Hawaii State Condo Guide. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Photos of Menehune Shores shoreline and fishpond taken by Jeannie Kong-Evarts. 

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