Stephen Tyler Act Celebrity Privacy Bill Passed Hawaii Senate!

March 7, 2013
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Stephen Tyler on Maui

Stephen Tyler is a part time resident of Maui

There are so many things to love about Hawaii… the sun, the warm embrace of our trade winds, the exciting surf, intoxicating scent of our Plumerias, majestic cliffs and mountains and of course our ALOHA!

Aloha… In the Hawaiian language, “aloha” stands for much more than just “hello” or “goodbye” or” love.” Its deeper meaning is “the joyful (oha), sharing (alo) of life energy (ha). This aloha extends to all locals, visitors, and our celebrities!

I was glad to read that one Maui’s most recent part time residents (he bought a gorgeous Makena property, not too ostentatious but simple natural beauty right on water’s edge.) Steven Tyler of legendary Aerosmith Rock band got his so called “The Steven Tyler Act” cleared by the Hawaii Senate this past Tuesday with only two of the body’s 25 members voting against it. The proposal now goes to the State House of Representatives.

According to a news report on the Honolulu Star Advertiser : The Bill seeks to protect celebrities from overeager paparazzi by creating a civil violation if people take unwanted photos or videos of others in their private moments.

“Public figures, such as celebrities, already have a diminished expectation of privacy,” Hawaii Senate Judiciary Chairman Clayton Hee wrote in support of the bill. “Thus, private moments while vacationing and engaged in activities with family and friends are even more precious for public figures.”

I simply have to agree wholeheartedly, with Chairman Clayton Hee.  I have seen Stephen Tyler graciously allowing random strangers just come up to him (even if he is busy talking on his cell phone or what have you) and put their arm around his neck and flip out their cell phone camera and snap a picure. He allows this with such aloha. I, personally would not welcome that (maybe that is why I am not a celebrity- ha!). So he accepts the random public to interfere constantly but does not want the paparazzi to intrude into his home or private moments with their long camera lenses or what have you. That not only seems entirely fair but also what our Island is all about. Respect for people, their ohana, the time for respite and enjoyment. Paparazzi have their place but…not at the expense of private time. We all deserve our family time, our reflection time, our time.. period. We should allow that for all Hawaii’s visitors- rich and famous included.

It is no wonder why Maui County attracts the rich and famous. From Oprah, Clint Eastwood, Mick Fleetwood, Owen Wilson (saw him feeding his child at a morning cafe in Makawao. We simply smiled to ourselves because we recognized him but  left him to his fatherly duties- at least I assumed that was his son, could of been his nephew- sorry I don’t follow the details of celebrity lives.), Mick Fleetwood (he serves on the Maui Medical Center Foundation Board with me!), Peter Theil of Paypal fame, to name a few. Recently I heard Tom Cruise is focusing on The Island of Lanai (part of Maui County) to build a waterfront family retreat. Larry Ellison of Oracle bought most of Lanai last year and exciting plans are on the horizon. Lanai is a short boat ride from Maui. So you can see Maui is just nector for those who adore her benevolence, beauty and privacy. I trust we will see more interest from this world of jetsetters.
There is currently a gorgeous panoramic ocean view house in Makena for sale. It is an incredible value and potential for much added value that would make a perfect retreat for a nature loving celebrity or anyone with that sensiblity and buying power. I went to an opening there two weeks ago to preview the home and atmosphere was stunning. Call me for details of this rare property for sale.

Maui's beauty draws the rich and famous

Maui’s beauty draws the rich and famous

Maui is a world on one island. With so many micro climates and varied terrain, one can find their own tropical rainforest of Hana or the dry desert like weather of the leeward side. From world class golf to yesteryear of Makawao (try Komoda bakery, wonderful pastries with down home service of decades gone by. Precious!)- Maui is truly paradise. It should be paradise for all.

Mahalo and a hui hou…
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